Ep 19: Unlearning Patterns and Messaging That Doesn't Serve Us + Barbie's Healing Journey As A Mom of A Rape Survivor

Episode 19: Ep 19: Unlearning Patterns and Messaging That Doesn't Serve Us + Barbie's Healing Journey As A Mom of A Rape Survivor

Show notes

This week, Shannon chats with Barbie Liss who is a Maternal Empowerment Coach, helping Women heal Mother Wounds and reclaim their Goddess Energy!

As Mom to 3 grown children, Barbie has travelled the path of Motherhood, from typical to not at all typical experiences. Her life altering experience, and subsequent healing journey as a Mom of a rape survivor, and ultimate Restorative Justice outcome, led to her current path.

She has been featured in Forbes, on Sirius XM, the Great Canadian Women, Empowerography Podcast, and more.

Through a deep dive virtual Coaching Program, Barbie nurtures her clients through unlearning generational wounds and rewriting limiting core belief. She is an UNteacher of damaging messages and a perspective shape shifter. As a Maternal Empowerment Coach, Barbie helps heal old wounds that bleed into new moments, so that You can step fully into Your Goddess Energy!

Topics discussed:

  1. Finding your true self through ancestral wound healing
  2. Barbie's story as a mom of a rape survivor, and her personal healing journey
  3. What restoritive justice is, and why Barbie and her daughter chose a restoritive justice outcome
  4. How generational patterns are passed down and how that affects us as individuals
  5. How we can all choose a resoritive justice approach in our daily encounters
  6. Shannon talks about her parents divorce and how she felt/feels today
  7. Teachable moments vs. punishable moments
  8. The lesson Shannon teaches her kids about empathy and understanding
  9. Unlearning patterns and messaging that doesn't serve us
  10. Why Shannon feels fortunate that she experienced trauma in her life
  11. How to not let your circumstances control your emotions and actions
  12. Why it's ok to be ok, even when we're not entirely ok
  13. How the word "and" can positively impact your mindset
  14. How Barbie healed herself in order to help her daughter heal
  15. How generational messaging and language is passed down and why it doesn't work in a new generation (ex. using "because I said so as an answer to our kids" or "just do what the doctor says", etc...)
  16. Barbie's tips for de-gunking your life today

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